Avocado toast for a healthy breakfast

Avocado toast for a healthy breakfast

Avocado toast is not just for millennials

One of the greatest food ideas of the 21st century is avocado toast. So easy to make! Just mash ripe avocado with a fork and spread on toast for simple and healthy nutrition.

Why you should eat avocados

Let’s break down the benefits of avocado toast, starting with the avocado.

  • It’s sugar free! Unlike most fruits, the avocado has zero grams of sugar.
  • It is also sodium and cholesterol free, for heart healthy goodness.
  • One 50 gram portion of avocado contains 80 calories, which is terrific for weight management.
  • It’s a healthy source of fibre and unsaturated fat.
  • The potassium in avocados is a good electroyte to consume after working out.

Tips on buying avocados

I did not grow up eating avocados. The first time I tried buying an avocado was for a sandwich recipe. Clueless, I bought an unripe avocado instead of a ripe one. It was difficult to peel and the fruit inside was hard. I didn’t see the appeal of avocados at all.

It wasn’t until a trip to San Diego that my opinion changed. A friend took me to a Mexican restaurant, the owner brought us fresh guacamole, and I was hooked!

When buying an avocado, think about when you will need a ripe one. If you have a few days, choose a firm avocado that will ripen at home. If you want a ripe avocado for tomorrow’s breakfast, select a softer one that yields to your gentle pressure.

What about the toast?

Here is where choice really matters. Something like white bread can raise your blood sugar. Healthier grain choices will provide carbohydrates and fibre. Choose wisely, then load on a mashed avocado or another healthy topping, and enjoy!

20 delicious avocado toast recipes

Avocado toast recipes

You can use mashed avocado as a starting point, then build on it. Popsugar offers 20 delicious variations to try.

Find great avocado recipes at Love One Today

More avocado recipes

While researching this blog post, I found the excellent website Love One Today.

I know that I will be trying their recipes, maybe you will too.

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